A Long Long Time Ago

30 Mar
Asian Civilisations Museum
Free Admission

Come and journey alongside Nek Selampit; the Folktale Storyteller, Madam Jumaini Ariff, as she breathes life into the story of the voyage that led Sang Nila Utama to discover Singapore, with the help of the audience.

Presented by Malay Language Council.

About Storyteller 
Madam Jumaini Ariff is a children’s book author and prominent storyteller named “Nek Selampit”. She has participated in numerous national campaigns and international storytelling performances. In 2017, Mdm Jumaini was appointed Malay Language Ambassador (Duta Bahasa), and currently is working with various institutions to revive interest in the Malay language among preschool- and primary-school children.

Category // Performance