Chinatown Food Stories

15 Apr
5 PM - 6 PM
Kreta Ayer
Free Admission

If food in Chinatown could talk, this would be their story. Come face-to-face with Chinatown's food and people and experience its heritage with local food blogger, Tony Johor Kaki, to discover the untold stories of Chinatown's hidden food gems. Find out how Sak Kei Ma, which literally means "kill the horseman", is made. Meet creators of dishes with a unique Singapore twist such as "steam fish in hot sauce". Visit stalls offering Nanyang fusion dishes like Chinese style satay marinated with Indian spices. Find out which are the heritage stalls in the sprawling 200-stalls hawker centre whose lineage trace back to over half a century.

About the guide / speaker: Tony Boey runs Johor Kaki blog which contains his personal stories about his daily encounters with food, people and places in Singapore, Malaysia, and from his occasional travels. Among his many interests, Tony is fascinated by the food in Chinatown, and has spent many days and evenings in Chinatown Complex Food Centre - a treasure trove of Singapore food history - looking for good food. Tony enjoys chatting with the people who runs the food stalls while savouring their sumptuous offerings.

Time: 5 PM - 6 PM

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Address: 28 Kreta Ayer Road, Kreta Ayer Community Centre, S(088995)

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