Growing up in Chinatown (Dai Po)

14 Apr
2 PM - 3 PM
Kreta Ayer
Free Admission with Registration

Join us in this memory sharing session by Victor Yue, based on his personal journey of having lived in Chinatown for decades. Growing up at a time when the surroundings were not only infested with rats and cockroaches but also gangsters of all kinds, it was a time when being street smart was important. Everyone who has lived through this era has his or her own experience. Victor hopes to walk through such times with you, sharing his own experiences and getting you to share yours.

About the speaker: Victor Yue was born in a small clinic at Kampong Bahru Road and grew up in this place called Tng Tiam Hung (Pawnshop Alley) and has since been living in and around Chinatown. After spending his entire working life in the telephony industry, he has now retired, and spends his time walking the streets of Chinatown, reminiscing his younger days in the streets and alleys.

Time: 2 PM - 3 PM

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Address: 28 Kreta Ayer Road, Kreta Ayer Community Centre, S(088995)


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