Hello, Kranji - Bollywood Veggies: Kampung Garden Tour

06 Apr - 07 Apr
11am & 2pm
Bollywood Veggies

Explore Bollywood Veggies' 10-acre planet-friendly farm on an immersive and enriching farm tour. Learn about Singapore's rich agricultural biodiversity and the many interesting uses of indigenous plants.

Time: 11.00am & 2.00pm

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*Children below 6 years old go free with every paying adult

About Bollywood Veggies:
Started by Mrs Ivy Singh-Lim and Mr Lim Ho Seng in 2000 as a semi-retirement project, Bollywood Veggies is a living example of how simple ‘kampung’ lifestyle has always embodied land productivity and environmental sustainability. The farm opened its gates to the public and the first bistro in Kranji Countryside in 2005 to encourage Singaporeans to learn about their food sources.

100 Neo Tiew Road
Singapore 719026


This programming venue welcomes families with little ones and visitors on wheelchairs or with limited mobility.

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