Our Places, Our Stories..

15 Mar - 15 Apr
Free Admission

The Malay Heritage Centre presents works from three local artistes, inspired by spaces within the Kampong Gelam precinct. With scenes and stories of Kampong Gelam coming alive through these works, we invite all visitors to explore, discover and reflect on these stories. Don’t forget to tag @malayheritage in those snapshots! 

About the Works

Installation 1: Statecraft (after Theatre Royal)
Artist – Hilmi Johandi
Location: MHC Compound

Located within the MHC compounds, the installation features once famous Theatre Royal, home to the legendary Bangsawan troupe, The Star Opera Company. Kampong Gelam and its surrounding area used to house a number of entertainment centres including the Alhambra Theatre Singapore, Diamond Theatre and the Kota Raja Club.

Installation 2: Hikayat Masa Silam: Wak Cantuk (Obscure Tales from the Past: Wak Cantuk)
Artist – Zul Othman
Location: Walls of Gedung Kuning

The walls of Gedung Kuning (currently Mamanda restaurant) come alive as it retells the tragic love story of Wak Cantok, as immortalised in a novel by Harun Aminurrashid. Wak Cantuk was a Bugis man who’s unrequited love for the younger Samirah led to his running amok around Kg Gelam. Presented in the comic style of publications from the 1970s, this mural reminds us that our history is filled with both joyous and tragic tales.

Installation 3: Bejeweled. An Homage to Kampong Intan
Artist – Muhamad Sufian Hamri
Location: Walls of No. 120 Baghdad Street

Baghdad Street was once known as Kampong Intan where diamonds and other precious stones were traded. Among some of the more successful of these traders were of Banjarese decent. Today, the area reminds us little of this once thriving trade. This work peels away at our current reality to reveal the richness of our past.

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