The Trails of Tan Ah Huat: Journey to the East

23 Mar - 24 Mar
4pm - 6pm
Bedok Town Square

Meeting Point: Bedok Town Square, Information Booth

Join the entrepreneurial Tan Ah Huat, a new immigrant in 1920s Singapore, as he embarks on expanding his medicated oil business from Dua Po (today known as Chinatown) to the island's southeastern region of Bedok. With a smattering of Bahasa Melayu and his sincerity, Ah Huat pedals around Simpang Bedok, Koh Sek Lim Village, Kampong Bedok and the old seawalls of the coast, tirelessly peddling his medicated oil door to door.

Cycle with Ah Huan as he rides on his 'Journey to the East' to reminisce these places and share how they played an important part of his life in early Singapore!

4pm - 6pm


i) This is a bicycle tour, suited for participants aged 18 and over.
ii) Participants should be of average riding ability.
iii) Bicycles will be provided.

208c New Upper Changi Road, Singapore 46208

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